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SWTOR Smuggler Class Review

We all know that the majority of people will be playing Jedi Knights or Sith Warriors in the new Star War the Old Republic MMO, but you shouldn't overlook the Smuggler class. This article will give you a quick SWTOR Smuggle review so you can see if the play style is something you would be interested in.

The Smuggler is basically the rogue class for SWTOR. They are sneaky and cunning and not shy about fighting dirty, in fact it is their preferred tactic. The Smuggler doesn't wear heavy armor and can't take the punishment a Jedi Knight can but, they are very sneaky and have more than a few tricks so they don't have too. When it comes to a fight the Smuggler will use their stealth to get an advantage on their opponent whether it's using invisibility to sneak up on them or hiding in cover and launching a long-range attack. They can also assist their allies with their healing abilities.


When you play the Smuggler you have two advanced classes to choose from, the Scoundrel and the Gunslinger.

The Scoundrel is specialized in survival. They use stealth belt, med packs and carry a scatter gun. As a Scoundrel you have the option of either Sawbones which is a healing spec that uses "heal over time" abilities, or a Scrapper which uses stealth to get in and use there scattergun for some nice burst damage than sneak out again.

The Gunslinger is the master of the trick shot. They can dual wield blasters and are masters of the long-ranged combat. As a Gunslinger you can choose to be either a Saboteur which are experts with explosives and use advanced technologies or a Sharpshooter who uses precise, high damage attacks from long range.

Each character in SWTOR has 5 companions that make up their crew. These companions can perform various tasks such as crafting items, gathering resources, and going on missions. The Smugglers companions are:



• Species: Wookie
• Planet: Nar Shaddaa
• Melee Tank with heavy armor
• Weapons: Vibroswords, various blades
• Crew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging Efficiency

Corso Riggs


• Species: male human
• Planet: Ord Mantell
• Ranged Tank
• Heavy Armor
• Uses Blaster Pistols and Blaster Rifles
• Has a Taunt ability
• Crew Skills: +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Armstech Critical

Akavi Spaar


• Species: female Mandalorian
• Planet: Balmorra
• Ranged DPS
• Heavy Armor
• Has a Flamethrower move

Guss Tuno


• Species: male Mon Calamari
• Planet: Hoth
• Healer
• Medium Armor
• Uses blasters



• Planet: Alderaan
• Ranged Dps
• Medium Armor
• Uses Rifle, Sniper Rifle
• Barrage mode (AoE mode)
• Grenade Kit

The Smuggler class isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy being sneaky and out smarting your opponent then they might be right for you.

Monday, 27 February 2012

SWTOR Leveling Guide - Level Fast Or Level Slow?

Are you in a rush to reach the level cap in Star Wars: The Old Republic? That is why you are looking for a SWTOR leveling guide? Well before you start your little race to reach level 50, ask yourself this: Is it worth it?

If you haven't played any Bioware games, you should know that their games are all about the story. The quests in their single player games are all narrated and you have several options when answering. Options that change the way you advance in the game. Well they didn't make anything different with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The main line of the quest is very well made and the voice acting is flawless. You can give normal answers, or answers that increase either your Dark or Light side. Your answers will also affect your companions, and their allegiance to you. So do you really want to skip on all of that?

The fact is that when you do the quests normally, you will still progress pretty fast. Mainly because you will get so caught up in the story that you will lose track of time and you will struggle to do as many of them as possible. If you start rushing towards the level cap, you will be missing out on more than half the game.

So for now, when there aren't many characters at the level cap, you should enjoy the game. There is much to see and to do. When you want to make another character, then you can try rushing that one. Just know that every class has a different story.

You can rush your toon quite easily. All you have to do is skip the cut scenes from the quests and focus mainly on finishing them and grouping them together. With the help of your companions, finishing any quest will be a breeze. Even some Heroic ones.

At the moment, however, it seems that by doing PvP is the fastest way to level up. You get a lot of XP from Warzones, no matter if you win or lose. Not only that, but you also have dailies that also give XP, credits and barter items. But if you spend most of the time in Warzones, you won't see almost nothing of the game.

My recommendation would be to first play your favorite character normally. Do quests, group up for Heroic quests, do PvP and also space missions. And when you want to try something completely new, then you can get a SWTOR leveling guide and get it to the level cap fast.

If you are bent on leveling fast, then here is a SWTOR Leveling Guide.

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SWTOR Leveling Guide - 3 Tips To Quickly Level Your Character

For many MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) players and Star Wars fans alike, the anticipation of the launch of Star Wars The Old Republic has been building up for over two years. Well finally the game has officially launched and now people are wondering how they can level their characters as quickly and effectively as possible. There are tons of quests and missions to complete in SWTOR and it is hard to know which ones are important or crucial to leveling as opposed to the ones that are not as important or offer little experience points and cause you to run around for hours. Here, I will provide you with a few critical hints for getting your character from level 1 to 50 in a short amount of time.


Tip #1: Build your character skill tree properly.

If you do not build your character properly throughout the whole game, you will find you are not as powerful as what you should be thus taking a longer time to defeat all of the mobs of droids and other various enemies that come your way. Nothing is more important. You can have all of the best rare gear available, but if your talent points are not used wisely, you are in for a long haul to get your character to level 50. Of course the skills you pick depend on your class, and the sub-class that you choose once you reach level 10.

Tip #2: Know all of the best quests and missions.

Knowing all of the missions that provide you with the most experience points is also an important part to leveling your character quickly in SWTOR. If you don't know the most important quests to do, then you will spend many hours, even days, running back and forth collecting materials and other items. Nothing is worse then completing a quest only to turn it in and find out that you could have completed more quests in the same area while doing your last quest. This forces you to run back to an area you had previously cleared of enemies, only to have to clear it again. This gets annoying really quickly, and causes a lot of frustration not to mention the time involved to level increases drastically.

Tip #3: Get a decent SWTOR leveling guide.

Finding a decent and reliable leveling guide for Star Wars The Old Republic is no easy task. It can take you a while to find one suitable for your specific character because the leveling process and quests are different for each character class in the game. This is because the game has just recently launched and only a few people have decided to actually take the time to document all of the quests and missions in the leveling process. However, there are some excellent guides out there that contain in-depth, detailed instructions for leveling your specific SWTOR character class.

For more leveling strategies and tactics as well as reviews of some of the best SWTOR leveling guides out there, check out:

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SWTOR Leveling - Now You Can Get From Level 1 to 50 Easily

Is there a way to quickly level your character in SWTOR? Great news, there is. However, you will still have to complete quite a few quests and missions in order to do it. There is no overnight method that will get you from 1 to 50, but you will be able to do it in just under a week.

SWTOR is a unique MMORPG game that has fans of both Star Wars, and World of Warcraft extremely excited. It combines the two in what some are calling the best game ever released for the PC. You will have to complete missions and travel to distant planets all over the galaxy in order to get to the highest level in the game, but is there a faster way to complete all of the tasks in order to level as fast as possible?

Some complete leveling guides have been recently released that show you step-by-step exactly what to do in order to reach level 50. However, not all of the guides are the same. I would recommend getting a guide that offers full HD video of the steps required. It is a lot easier to watch someone do exactly what they are telling you to do rather than read about it and have questions. So first things first, you are going to need a guide that offers HD videos.

Once you have the guide, everything is pretty easy from here on in. You will learn all of the basic steps required of you, as well as how to rack up tons of credits so you can afford to purchase all of the best gear and items that are available to you at every level of the game. You will need all of the latest gear at every level in order to be as powerful as you can possibly be so you can defeat the enemies quickly and easily to advance to the next level.

Another important thing to have is patience, this game is huge and highly detailed with a story type questing atmosphere that allows you to choose your own path, so you need to select the choices that are best for the type of character you are trying to create, this is what makes SWTOR different and not just another World of Warcraft clone.

Be sure you are selecting the right talents in your talent tree as your level because it will cost you money in order to change them later in the game if you so desire. Choosing your talents is one of the most important aspects of the game, so any good leveling guide should show you what the best talents are for your specific character type.

For further reading and information you should check out this site which has some great SWTOR tips as well as leveling guide reviews:


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SWTOR Space Guide - How To Complete The First Space Mission

A SWTOR Space guide might be needed to someone who has never played this type of games. You shouldn't worry though, it is a lot more simple than how space combat was in the old Star Wars Galaxies. Never the less, you will have to know a few things in order to be able to complete these missions. They can be hard if you don't know exactly what to do.


In order to get your own Starship, you just have to follow the story line quests. Around level 17, you will get the quest that will lead to your own ship. You can get it as soon as level 14 if you focus on the main storyline, but it is unwise.

The first mission you will have to do is going to be an escort mission. This is for both factions and the missions are almost identical.

First you have to understand how space works in SWTOR. You won't be able to control the main trajectory of your ship. It has a set course in the instance which you cannot deviate from. You will only be able to control your target and make small movements across your screen to avoid objects and enemy fire. You saw right, you have to avoid objects. If you hit an asteroid, another ship or other debris of larger size, you will get damaged.

As soon as you begin the mission, you will see the ship you have to escort in front of you. Even though there will be a lot of lasers flying around and much larger ships firing at you and the escort, you need to remain calm. Focus on killing the Interceptors that pass you by. Those will do the most damage to the escort ship and to you when they turn around. So kill them before they have a chance to do this.

When there aren't any Interceptors around, fire at the turrets of the enemy cruisers. You don't have to hit them much, so fire a few shots at one and move quickly to another. It will take a while for your shots to reach them so don't target one until it is destroyed. Only use your missiles on generators and such. To fire them, put your cross-hair over the target and right-click. The missiles are Fire and Forget, which means that they will go to the target themselves so you don't have to keep your cross-hair on it.

Kill as many turrets as you can and you will also do bonus objectives in the mission. If done right, your escort target should have 50% HP by the time it reaches the destination.

When you upgrade your ship, focus on defensive capabilities as your fire power will be enough. In order to regenerate your shields during combat, you will have to stop firing. This will help you survive in any mission pretty easy. Still, in order to succeed in the other missions, which are a bit more complex, you might need a SWTOR Space guide.

To make sure you have all the data you need to complete every mission, no matter how hard it is, you need a great SWTOR Space Guide.

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